18 Feb 2009

Dump Brown's plans for Heathrow expansion

Had this from Jean, Jean is excellent, although being a member of her political party I should in fairness mention that John McDonnell MP is also speaking tomorrow.

Jean Lambert, the Green Party MEP for London, will join hundreds of protesters from the Campaign Against Climate Change, outside Downing Street to call on the Prime Minister to its halt plans for a third runway.

Jean Lambert MEP, who will be speaking at the anti-expansion protest, said:

"This is an opportunity for Londoners to stand up to the Government and their plans to go ahead with a third runway, despite massive opposition.

"The Government has given its approval to the expansion, ignoring the damaging impacts of rapidly increasing aviation emissions on climate change. They have also chosen to ignore the millions of London residents who will be adversely affected, through the destruction of local communities, increased road traffic, air pollution and noise, all of which could lead to serious health problems.

"We've been told that expansion is crucial to the economy, but the contribution that aviation makes is frequently overstated. Eighteen million passengers arriving at Heathrow never leave the airport, simply using it to transfer to another international flight. That figure is expected to double by 2030.

"And the aviation industry does not pay it's way, receiving tax breaks which other transport industries do not get. It doesn't pay the damages of the noise and pollution it causes, it pays no tax on aviation fuel and it is zero-rated for VAT.

"I encourage all London residents who are concerned about these issues to spend an hour after work on Thursday making their voice heard outside Downing Street. This is the time to be counted."

The demonstration will take place from 5.30 pm to 7.00 pm on Thursday 19th February, opposite Downing Street. For more details go to www.campaigncc.org

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