1 Feb 2009

Stop the War AGM

I am getting trapped by detailed research on the ITP, IHS, Richard Williamson, etc but still intend to get a post on this down today...while you are waiting here is some info from Joseph on Stop the War.

Dear all,

Stop the War have changed the date of their AGM. They are also keen to have
new offices and storage space. If anyone knows of anywhere, please get back
to me.

Joseph Healy
STWC Delegate

Subject: New date for AGM

Dear affiliate/member,

We are writing to let you know that we are moving the date of the Stop the
War Coalition Annual General Meeting. Originally this was to have taken
place on 14/15 March, combining the AGM with more general discussions
around Afghanistan and the war on terror. Obviously, much has changed
since we planned that. The mass campaign in solidarity with Gaza has
resulted in four major London demonstrations, hundreds of local
demonstrations and events, many meetings and activities. The campaign is
continuing at a very high level.

In addition, we have to move offices between now and early March. We also
have major mobilisations for protests against the G20 on 2 April in
Strasbourg on 4 April.

In the circumstances, it has been very difficult for us to proceed with
organising the conference in a way which would ensure a full and informed
debate. We are therefore proposing a conference on Saturday 25 April in
London, which follows on from the mobilisations and from the Easter break.

We will shortly be sending out details for delegation to the conference,
submission of motions etc. We hope you will appreciate the need to make
this change.

Please note that to come to conference as an affiliate or member your
affliation or membership for 2009 must be up to date.

Best wishes,

Lindsey German
Andrew Murray
on behalf of the officers of Stop the War Coalition

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