3 Feb 2009

Dodgy Finnish Green Party?


Scary stuff about this reactor being built in Finland. The Greens have two ministries in the government – Labour and Justice. Like all of the parties in government in Europe they are highly approved of by the European Green Party leadership as they increase funding and representation.

Yet the Finnish Greens are members of a government backing this huge development dangerously close to the Baltic Sea. See if you can join up the dots and solve the puzzle .....
was part of a statement just mailed into me (Dr Wall).

Depressing how fast a colour can fade! We need to be calling for real Green politics and resisting all those who see Green as a vehicle for personal goals rather than the political transformation we need to save the planet.

On a more positive note the new Icelandic government with the Green Left as junior partners have chucked out the increased whaling quote agreed by the noxious Icelandic Independence Party...its vitally important to elect Greens, but it is also vitally important to struggle within Green Parties for green policies!

Equally I am critical of Chavez's plans to build nuclear power stations in Venezuela....ideological struggle is necessary amigos.

I am sure I will have a flood of emails on why the Irish Green Party have to cut buses to raise money for the porketariat, etc, etc

By the way while I am not a member, good to see Greenpeace pushing forward their anti-nuclear campaign.

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Anonymous said...


The Finnish Greens have two ministries in Labour and Justice. They do not control Energy.

You may recall as well that in 2002 they pulled out of the coalition cabinet in protest over the construction of a new nuclear plant which was accepted in the parliament.

If they pull out again they will be back to square one like they were after pulling out in 2002 and will have gained nothing in the past several years. The planet does not have time for Greens to have done nothing.

If they pulled out again they would hand their ministry seats into bad hands and all their efforts will be cut off.

Like the Irish party they are a minority govt party. They have to make do with the little they are given.

They just have to make sure that they voice their disaproval of the nuclear power. Pulling out however would be detrimental to implementing real green policy in Finland.

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