28 Feb 2009


LINE (London Islamic Network for the Environment) Monthly Forums invites you to:


Date: Sunday 8th March 2009
Time: 2.15pm to 4.45pm
Venue: London Mennonite Centre (Just off Archway Road), 14 Shepherds Hill, London, N6 5AQ. Nearest Tube: Highgate (Northern line): 5 mins walk: (Take the Archway Road exit).

Within this month's LINE forum, we will touch on 'ecologism', which centres on the necessity of "radical changes in our relationship" with the world. We will contrast this with 'environmentalism', described as a "managerial approach to environmental problems". To facilitate our understanding, together we will look at selected pieces of text from Andrew Dobson's book, 'Green Political Thought'. We will then consider what we have read in the light of relevant Islamic themes.

We will also hear feedback of experiences from 6 billion ways, will have a slot for 'Resource Cycle' and we will also prepare for the upcoming 2nd main 'Fast for the Planet' event on Sun March 22nd.

No charge and open to all - simply turn up for the start time. Donations welcome.

More info:
LINE (London Islamic Network for the Environment) : www.lineonweb.org.uk ; Tel. 0845 456 3960 (local rate)


Anonymous said...

WTF is ecologism?

Derek Wall said...

Its Andy Dobson's term for green political ideology...he uses it to distinguish green politics from environmentalism.

Glad to see my friends in LINE discussing it...

weggis said...

Dave ism

It’s a variant of Management Bullshit. “let’s have a brown bag session in the green room and do some blue sky thinking”.

When Derek and Green left start talking in the common language, to those they need to influence, rather than their colleagues whom they wish to impress, THEN they may get somewhere.

muzammal hussain said...

In recognising that not everyone would be familiar with the word, the definition is also briefly touched on in the abstract above.

Looking forward to it!

organiser of the LINE event

Derek Wall said...

I think its an ugly word but I weggis's comment is an insult to Andy Dobson and his fine work.

I am very pleased that LINE are taking Andy's work so seriously.

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