18 Feb 2009

Kill more animals for pleasure says Andy Newman in bid to embarrass Dr Wall and upset animal lovers everywhere

Fellow Green Party member praises McDonalds, OK he is a fairly new member...but its a bit crap.

Socialist newspaper that Dr Wall writes for refuses to give staff inflation proof pay rise...resulting in strike at Britain's only daily left newspaper....well right on both sides in this one, incidentally I don't get paid at all for my column, the paper has limited resources but the workers deserve better

Caroline Lucas becomes obssessed with the leader title...oh well that was last year and the members endorsed her over whelmingly....so I am living with it, free and fair vote and all that. Am I bitter about the abolition of the Principal Speaker, well of course but lets move on and stop wingeing.

What really has embarrassed and annoyed me is Andy Newman supremo of the Socialist Unity blog, where I blog...defending fox hunting and calling for cats to be boiled down into glue.

I actually to be fair to Andy he suggests banning cats, so I suppose humane killing is possible or neutering....

I will let everyone else off but the following from Andy is a bit much:

The defence of hunting is that nothing brings you closer to understanding an animal and how it thinks and exists in its habitat than hunting it. This comes over brilliantly in Siegfried Sassoon’s fantastic novel “The Memoirs of a Fox Hunting man”. Hunting puts human beings back into the animal world, in all it blood, snot and guts and the hormonal thrill of sensual experience - you have to immerse yourself in the the immediacy of how the quarry inhabits its own space. To catch a fox you have to learn to think like a fox.

The dislike of some people (mainly urban dwellers) for hunting is a symptom of an alienation from the visceral, sensual reality of the natural world; opponents of hunting live in a world where meat comes shrink wrapped; animals are sentimentalised and pets are treated like children. In truth, the alienation of human life to be decontextualised from the reality of animal husbandry and rearing animals for slaughter is a feature of modern industrialised society, and probably specific to capitalism.

Makes you feel that socialist just don't care about other species...or the environment.


Anonymous said...

Mr Newman is a disgrace. I heard him say this claptrap at a debate at the 2005 election.

Anonymous said...

Was the aim of this post to see how many people you could insult in one post?! You quote Tony Juniper's very guarded comments on McDonalds out of context, then claim that Caroline has let the leader title go to her head, without offering any evidence to back it up. What's going on, are you just having a bad day, otherwise you do come across as bitter and whingeing!

Derek Wall said...


the fact that you are more bothered about me offending you than animal rights is pretty shocking..

Derek Wall said...

I see what you are doing Sue, trying to take my mind off of the cat killers!

That's kind of you...but it's a post about my annoyance at those who defend animal abuse, framed by those who on the whole do good things but do wind me up with things like fast food and leader titles.

Mark said...

good for you derek

Anonymous said...

You weren't offending me, and I'm not about to get into a more vegan than thou argument with you, but you take a pop a several people without backing it up with any evidence - why do you say Caroline has let the title go to her head? Why do you insinuate that Tony Juniper is suddenly some big fan of McDonalds? If you make statements like that, surely you need to support them in some way, otherwise you do look rather bitter.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the fact we have a leader has made any impact at all (positive or negative) I voted No, but am not really interested in going over that one again. The bigger issue is centralisation for me.
Andy Newman is a bit of a wind up, there is a strong "speciesist" element to the left who take a rather flippant attidude to animals. As an omnivore I have no problem with hunting for food, as opposed to hunting for fun which I find rather bizzare and cruel. I don't buy into "Animal Rights" as Peter Singer would define it, but am 100% for reducing cruelty to all living things.
I welcome Tony Juniper as a Green Candidate, we need to be a broad party, but perhaps he should do a few shifts at a McDonald's sweeping the floors for a bit of perspective (or talk to Dave Morris and Helen Steel!)

Rosso Verde

Anonymous said...

...If I can shoot rabbits then I can shoot fascists


how things have changed

Joe Otten said...

I think Andy has a point - the hunter is more in touch with nature (red in tooth and claw) than I am. Perhaps being in touch with nature is not entirely a good thing.

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