20 Jul 2007

Camp for Climate Action

Well up late for the count, I have a very healthy tan from sitting outside the polling station in Sedgfield for most of yesterday. A useful exercise and great to work with Chris Haines, who is a strong candidate.

I am hoping to get up here in the North East again and build up the Green Party.

For the time being here is one I prepared earlier. Direct action is part of the process...

Direct action helped get women the vote. In the 1930s, the great Benny Rothman led a controversial trespass on Kinder Scout Moor in the Peak District to win rights for ramblers. He spoke on at least one Twyford Down rally in the 1990s to support Earth First fighting the roads programme. The protesters lost at Twyford but they stopped a much bigger roads programme.

I am proud that the Green party fights elections and wins them sometimes, but I am just as proud to say that our manifesto lays down support for non-violent direct action as an appropriate way of bringing about social change. I am a novice - with just the odd caution, bind over and night in the cells - but I am always ready to learn from the dedicated, inspiring people of Camp for Climate Action.

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soundjat keita said...

More brilliant success for the Green (really Grey) Party.

Southall 3%
Sedgefield 1%. Far behind the BNP (Britishe Volkspartei).

Derek Wall said...

Well we must do better and keep on with the direct action, we also do better in elections with pr than ftpt and we have never stood in Sedgefield.

Southall was a respectable vote with over a 1,000 ticks in the box, you got keep on keeping on.

off to talk to our 110 councillors tomorrow!

soundjat keita said...

110 out of how many? I know, bet you don't.

If you do badly under PR, how come the BNP did 9 times better, despite the favourable press the "Greens" get? Why bother to lose £500 every time if you know you can't win?

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