13 Jul 2007


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Dr. Derek Wall, Green Party Principal Speaker, today condemned the
decision of an Israeli Court to send former nuclear technician
Mordechai Vanunu back to jail for six months for breaking the
conditions of his parole.

Vanunu was released in 2004 after an 18-year sentence for disclosing
Israeli nuclear secrets, but he faced curbs including speaking to
foreign media. However, he has given a series of interviews to the
international media in the last three years.

Dr. Wall said: "I am appalled by this decision.

"Mordechai Vanunu is a brave and resilient man who has already
suffered 18 years of confinement.

"The dangers posed by nuclear proliferation threaten the very
survival of our planet. The world needs more people like this, and we
must support them any way we can.

"A safe and secure Middle East cannot be built on a nuclear arms race
between Israel and Iran - that way risks a serious nuclear conflict."

"I urge to people to back the Early Day Motion 1813 calling on the
Government to ask the Israeli government to lift all restrictions on
Mordechai Vanunu - and lobby their MP's to support this also."(1)


(1) The full text of the EDM and names of the MP's who have supported
it can be seen at: http://edmi.parliament.uk/EDMi/EDMDetails.aspx?

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Relatos said...

I like your blog, but I think that this subject is the most interesting of your last posts. Bye, Lucy Relatos.

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