15 Jul 2007

New Green, I don't think so

New Green, its a washing powder

New Green, its a career choice.

New Green, if its an archaeological monument on the path to power, blow it up.

New Green, its the same old shit but not as we know it Jim!

New Green, I don't think this brand is fit to drink.

So get involved and sign the petition for a green party rather than a single leader>>>

Wee are on to the push to make the Green Party led, professional and all that stuff. You can fail by remaining on the margins but to really fail just do all the things the traditional parties do, gaining office, losing any real power and implementing ecocide in friendly acceptable way.

I suppose if you fail from the margins no one gets a salary or a pension.

Pogue Mahone as they say in the old country


weggis said...

“… but to really fail just do all the things the traditional parties do, gaining office, …”

What are you saying here Derek? To get elected as democratic representatives is a failure?

Please explain/expand.

Derek Wall said...

Politicians get elected and get sucked into the system.

In parliamentary systems it is easy to be flattered and coerced into doing all sorts of dodgy things.

I think the danger of this happening to Greens is as great if not more so as failure to gain office.

Gaining office and making real change is very challenging indeed, I look at some ideas for doing so in my 1990 book Getting There.

policies that create positive feedback and real structural change are solid gold if you can achieve them.

However ritualistic measures that have no real effect are common.

The news from Ireland is worrying me frankly, a green coalition which is seeing a motorway driven through Tara (a very important prehistoric site) and the continuation of incineration building....office without power is a nasty thing.

hope this helps....its a very very big topic.

merrick said...

Totally agree with you about the Irish Greens and their compromises. this post by an Irish blogger nails it.

weggis said...

All good points and well understood. BUT......

My instincts tell me that we should not have a leader. However, neither do I favour the Party system. There is a fundamental conflict of interest here. The fact that a person has been elected on a "party ticket" and that the effort to get them elected has been funded by "the party" behoves them to a loyalty that conflicts with their primary responsibility, representing ALL their constituents regardless of whether they voted for them or not.

But I am a party member. And so are you.

Couple of thoughts.
In a herd situation the stampede is triggered by the individual who spots the danger.
In a stock market situation the bubble is triggered by the individual who spots the opportunity.

However, if they are not noticed!!

I am still torn by the paradox before me and will be listening to the debate/reading blogs right up to the point when i am compelled to make a decision.

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