21 Nov 2007

Green politics in a cold climate

I think some of my annoyance with the leader question is the astrategic nature of it.

I don't see this as a serious issue when it comes to strategy and certainly see a danger of eco being replaced by ego.

Green political strategy is important.

Coalitions are problematic, the media is dominated by corporate interests, the US views the Uk as a minor client state...all problems for green politic change.

Green Parties have tended in 'power' to become far from ambitious....Rudolf Bahro talked about 'cleaning the dragons breadth' not taking on the dragon.

The left in Britain are very very divided and beneath their arguments obviously have not constructed winning strategies.

How do we make radical green ideas hegemonic i.e. make them the common sense.

I can play low level ideological warfare as PS and via letters, blogs, talking to local groups and yes both greens and left are thinking more green and left.

but...in short how do you build radical politics in a cold climate, that of Britain.

oh well off to talk to the Green Party in Frome


Edward Gibbon said...

How do you build radical politics?

Presumably by coaching the rich kids at Duff Miller private sixth form crammer to beat poor kids into university?



Anonymous said...

Duff Miller? Isn't that a semi-fiction beer from a cartoon show?

Still, I see nothing wrong with Marxists teaching in private schools. Didn't someone once challenge the great Herbert Marcuse on why he drove an unfeasably posh car to campus, to which he replied, 'This is what I'm talking about - everyone should have one'.

Marxists, eh? Gotta luv 'em.

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