13 Nov 2007

Vote for leader or we kill the bear

this does seem to sum up the argument, to proctect the environment we need 'a leader'.

I am not convinced I don't this is a serious strategic argument and instead the leader will be in danger of thinking more about career and fame than the bears!

Realo ism is pretty unrealistic.

We need to improve the Green Party but one leader is just magickal thinking, although the media will love the conflict created by battles to be the new Richard III (or Ming) and will be able to focus on personalities rather than ideas (like bear conservation).

sign the no single leader petition here.

My thoughts in the Guardian

Dear Editor,

Far from being 'leaderless' ( Letters, Tuesday November 6, 2007) the Green Party is run by an executive elected by the members, has a conference which decides policy and has two principal speakers who put forward policy to the public. This level of democracy and accountability is unusual for a British political party but this is no reason to reject a model that gives members power. I am calling on Green Party members to defend our unique and endangered form of internal democracy by voting no in the leader ballot.

Jonathon Porritt's call for the Green Party to select a single leader is flawed. Rather than suggesting the Green Party becomes a little more like the conventional top down political parties, Jonathon could show a little more personal leadership. Last year he took 42 flight clocking up air miles to go to meetings to tell people to cut CO2. I am calling on Jonathon to use video conferencing a little more and to fly a little less.


Dr Derek Wall,
Green Party
Male Principal Speaker,

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