26 Mar 2008

Breakfast at Heathrow

11am on the dot, Thursday 27 March
International Arrivals (Ground Level), Heathrow Terminal 5
Be at T5 International Arrivals at 11am to put on (or strip to reveal) your brightly coloured ‘STOP AIRPORT EXPANSION’ t-shirt: a visible presence of public opposition to the madness of airport expansion. Wander round for a bit, have a coffee, leave when you like.
ORDER YOUR FREE T-SHIRT TODAY: stopairportexpansion@gmail.com or 0845 458 2564.

The Government and BAA see the opening day of Terminal Five – the biggest terminal ever built in the UK, and the subject of the longest Public Inquiry in British history - as an opportunity to put the case for further airport expansion. Join the flash mob* on 27 March to highlight the real problems that airport expansion causes: climate change, noise, air pollution and community destruction.
Download the flyer

* Flash Mob: ‘A large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual action for a brief period of time, then quickly disperse’ (Wikipedia).

PLEASE NOTE: Almost everything is against the Heathrow byelaws, but wearing a t-shirt is not a crime. So as long as you’re not demonstrating, you’re not breaking the law!

Campaigners plan Heathrow T5 'flash mob' protest


Activists plan to disrupt the official opening of Heathrow's £4.2 billion fifth terminal next month by flooding it with hundreds of protesters, the Evening Standard reports. It says that demonstrators, wearing yellow T-shirts emblazoned with a ‘Stop Airport expansion’ logo will descend on the terminal at 11:00 on 27 March in a ‘flash mob’.

The newspaper says that the protest will initially be passive to evade strict laws banning direct action inside T5. But the presence of hundreds of protesters will threaten the travel plans of tens of thousands of passengers and create a security nightmare. One anarchist source told the newspaper: ‘Imagine hundreds of very obvious protesters milling around, drinking coffee and at any time capable of doing something radical or staging a rather less passive protest; it is a security nightmare.’

The protest is to be the culmination of a series of planned demonstrations aimed at bringing the airport to a standstill. Protesters plan to infiltrate and disrupt the final security tests on T5 that will take place on 8, 11 and 13 March. The disruption will be launched from a new protest camp on the airport perimeter which will be a security nightmare for police and airport staff.

Environmentalists hope to have the eco-camp set up when the terminal opens so they can use it as a launch pad for protests. In a move that will have severe security implications for police guarding the airport, anarchists are planning to set up camp in the nearby villages of Sipson, Harmondsworth and Harlington.

According to the Evening Standard's 'anarchist sources': ‘The public relations spin is that we want to help locals make the place greener as a counter measure to Heathrow's contribution to global warming. But really, the camp will be a haven for launching protests.’

BAA told the newspaper that it would not comment on specific threats, but defended T5 as 'one of the most environmentally friendly terminals in the world.'

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