With great respect for our ancestors and our Mother Earth

With great respect for our ancestors and our Mother Earth, we declare that:

The Indigenous Peoples, who inhabit the most fragile ecosystems on the planet, including tropical rain forests, deserts, moors, mountains and islands, are the most vulnerable to the effects of global warming. The impact of climate change endangers our Mother Earth, our culture, our environment and our livelihood.

These changes are the result of the Western model of development, which is based on a rapacious capitalism that does not respect Mother Earth. In this century it is estimated that the average temperature will rise 1.8°C to 4.0°C, accelerating the impact of climate change on Indigenous Peoples. We insist that industrialized countries are solely responsible for the changes that are profoundly affecting Mother Earth, and we reject any suggestion that indigenous peoples have any responsibility for them.


Novlangue said…
Aren't you supporting Sian Berry?
Derek Wall said…
Yes...but I am of little use to anyone until I have sorted my health out, a lot better but still another two months until my fracture is fully healed so alas less active than for a long time...but hopefully will do some electioneering soon but not this week.

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