7 Mar 2008

Climate Camp 2008 at Kingsnorth power station

Invitation to the Camp for Climate Action at Kingsnorth Power Station
August 3-11 2008

Day of Mass Action at Kingsnorth: Saturday August 9th, 2008

Low-impact living // education // high-impact direct action

This summer the Camp for Climate Action will pitch its tents outside
Kingsnorth coal-fired power station in Kent for a week of education,
sustainable living and direct action. Everyone is invited to the camp,
which is now part of an international movement, with eight climate camps
on four continents planned for this summer. Together, we will show that
the blind pursuit of economic growth at any cost is simply insane, and
is to blame for the CO2 emissions and ecosystem destruction that are
causing catastrophic climate change.

Get out the diary, here's the plan:

In late July this year's camp will begin with a one-day event at
Heathrow, which will continue the fight against airport expansion and
support the people who welcomed us into their communities last year.

Next, everyone is invited to travel together over a number of days
across London to Kingsnorth in Kent (around 50 miles in total).
Marching through London highlights the political links between aviation,
coal and agrofuels: Central London's investors, industry lobbyists and
PR companies all determine what gets built and what gets passed off as

The camp will converge on Kingsnorth power station where owners E.ON
plan to build the UK's first coal-fired plant in 30 years. The science
shows that expanding the fossil fuel economy must stop. Yet, without a
forceful campaign against this madness, government and business are set to
build a power station that will burn the dirtiest of all fossil fuels.

The camp will bring together thousands of people for a week of
workshops, discussion and direct action. Run without leaders by everyone
who comes along, the camp will be a working ecological village using
renewable energy, composting waste and sourcing food locally.

Climate campers will not only highlight positive solutions, but will
also take direct action against two drivers of climate change:

Wednesday August 6th: Day of Action against Agrofuels. Agrofuels are
fast replacing rainforests and agriculture for food production, meaning
more hunger, CO2 emissions, and biodiversity loss. They must be stopped.
Join us on this day of action, details to follow.

Saturday August 9th: Day of Mass Action against Kingsnorth coal-fired
power station. The power station must not and will not be built! This
promises to be an epic moment in the battle against climate change. If
you can only make it for the day, not to worry: trains run from Central
London to Kingsnorth, every few minutes and take less than an hour.

Too much to manage? They said that last year, and look what we pulled
off. We say - we must be audacious; the Camp for Climate Action is just
warming up! We are the last generation that can avert catastrophic
climate change, so come and play your part!

For more information, visit www.climatecamp.org.uk and join our email
list at http://lists.riseup.net/www/info/climatecamp

***Important dates***

Late July: Heathrow event and travel to Kingsnorth. Details soon...
Sunday August 3th: Camp set up. We'll all make the camp happen together.
Monday August 4th-10th: Workshops, networking and action training.
Wednesday August 6th: Day of Action against Agrofuels
Saturday August 9th: Day of Mass Action against Kingsnorth coal-fired
power station
Monday August 11th: Help return the camping field back to nature.


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hundreds were at the gathering and I hope that continues.
Check out the petition I found against old-fashioned Kingsnorth expansion

Also, how does Caroline Lucas know about a "green light" for planning permission? I want to be sure this campaign is fully democratic and not dictated by the Adam Smith Insititute or rogue Secretaries of State.

My workshops:
- A fully- healed Derek,
- Alternatively, I've discovered a role-play debate on science and environmental decision-making.
- And a discussion of recent climate case, which I've covered in the link, and explain to a magazine editor on Wednesday.
Wishing us nice weather...

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