Real green politics in German

The German Greens famously moved from being the most radical ecological political party in the world to one of the most conservative.

Capitalism is is ecologically unsustainable, yet questioning ever increasing economic growth is hardly popular for ambitious political leaders, Green Party are in danger of being sucked into the system rather than seeking to subvert.

In Latin America there is some modest progress towards ecological sanity with even some governments acknowledging the importance of ecological realities and of course the indigenous are not taking the threats to our collective existence lightly.

In Europe things are far less advanced for the green movement, so I was encouraged to come across a website and email address for ecosocialists in Germany, if you live in Germany or Austria or know people who do, please get in touch.

Bruno Kern who has helped established the ecosocialist initiave can be contacted via:
Initiative Ökosozialismus

C/o Bruno Kern, Mombacher Straße 75 A, 55122 Mainz, Tel.: 06131/236461,
E-Mail: is a short manifesto which challenges the view that growth is environmentally sustainable,


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