19 Mar 2010

Alberto Durango demo 5pm Liverpool St

Just had this from Dave Broder, thanks Dave!
Hi everyone

Just in case you'd forgotten, the day of action against Swiss bank UBS in solidarity with under-fire cleaners and sacked shop steward Alberto Durango is today (Fri 19th).

There's going to be demos in London, Zurich, Manchester, Edinburgh, Stockholm, New York, Kyiv and Buenos Aires...

The London protest is from 5pm at 100 Liverpool Street - bring friends/banners/stuff that makes a noise!


David Broder said...

Hi Derek

Thanks for the publicity.

It went very well - http://thecommune.wordpress.com/2010/03/21/photo-report-of-19th-march-day-of-action-against-ubs/ - and was larger than previous demos. We marched right up to the doors even though the whole pavement is private property.

Was fun and hopefully it has some impact and gives courage to the cleaners.

Derek Wall said...

on the contary Dave thanks and gracias for all you do on this, I am juggling a number of things so regret not to have made it but GL people came and generally encourage Goldsmiths UCU to support.

Hey look out for Hugo Blanco in London in the middle of September for a couple of gigs!

Latin American Workers really lead the way!

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