14 Mar 2010

Thomas Helliker died for your trade union rights.

Wiltshire lad that I am I remember listening to EP Thompson, the great ecosocialist, at a CND rally in Trowbridge in the 1980s talking about the trade union struggles in Wiltshire, so great to see this post from Andy Newman at Socialist Unity (who I blog with and sometimes against if I am frank) on our heritage in the county.

Speaking for White Horse Trades Union Council, Andy Newman said: “People often forget that the towns of West Wiltshire have a long history of trade unionism, and of political radicalism. Thomas Helliker is a martyr who died rather than betray his fellow work-colleagues, and as modern trade unionist it is important that we remember the traditions of those who have gone before us”

Thomas Helliker day has been traditionally commemorated in Trowbridge by trade unionists, and the new White Horse ( Wilts) trades council is reviving the practice and will be organising events for each year.

Wreath laying, 1:00 pm, 22nd March 2010, St James Church, Union Street, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 8RU

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