19 Mar 2010

Respect leader on course to win election as MP

The party leader, Salma Yaqoob, who finished second in Birmingham Sparkbrook in 2005, is standing in the neighbouring Hall Green seat where Labour's Roger Godsiff is defending a notional majority of 4,191. Yaqoob is popular in the area, a third of which is Muslim, and she has been helped by the local Green Party's decision to stand aside and endorse Respect.



Red Green Nick said...

Would be great to have Caroline and Salma elected.

Did you hear Caroline on QT who said: "we have socialist principles!"

resumes said...

Progress,slow yet inevitable for socialist humanity.

Anonymous said...

Stand aside for which version of Respect, the SWP cover organisation or the reactionary religious party?

Both are equally dogmatic, either way the Green Party should have stood.

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