Chicka Dixon, indigenous and trade unionist gets state funeral

Aboriginal activist Charles “Chicka” Dixon’s state funeral today featured traditional Aboriginal body paint, the black power salute (made famous at the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games) and a coffin draped in the Aboriginal flag and covered with messages from those left behind.

Mr Dixon’s legacy was evident in the sea of tears on the Sydney town hall steps today. This man waged a war against injustice and his hand-print will be forever stamped on Australian history through his involvement the campaign for the yes vote for citizenship for indigenous Australians in the 1967 referendum, the 1972 Aboriginal Tent Embassy and the establishment of the Aboriginal Legal Service.

Its ironic that Chicka Dixon who described 'all politicians as bastards' and was labelled a terrorist gets a state funeral in New South Wales.

Sad that he was killed by pollution, the point is that workers bare the brunt of environmental damage.

Obviously a great man and loss to the movement.

Australia continues to have many fine people who fight for the indigenous, for socialism and ecology.

I really would recommend Green Left Weekly and LINKS, as two amazing publications from Australia.


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