4 Apr 2010

Chris Grayling must apologise and retract

Chris Grayling must apologise and retract

David Cameron should repudiate his comments

Tories need to state whether they support B&B discrimination

London - 4 April 2010

"Chris Grayling should apologise and retract his support for discrimination against gay couples by B&B owners. His comments create serious doubts about the Conservative party's commitment to lesbian and gay equality.

"David Cameron needs to clarify whether he agrees with Chris Grayling that B&B owners should have a right to turn away gay couples.

"Mr Cameron's silence is worrying. Many voters will be disturbed by his failure to swiftly disown Mr Grayling's support for anti-gay discrimination.

"It is not acceptable for the Tories to have a shadow Home Secretary who supports homophobic discrimination. Chris Grayling should be moved to a shadow post that does not involve equality issues.

"Was Chris Grayling speaking for himself or for the Conservative party? The public is entitled to know. If was speaking against Conservative party policy, his position in the Shadow cabinet is no longer tenable.

"The Conservatives don't agree with B&B's refusing accommodation to black or Jewish couples. If race discrimination is wrong, why is Chris Grayling saying that homophobic discrimination is right?

"According to the law, no one providing services to the public, such as B&B accommodation, has a right to discriminate. Chris Grayling is a leading Conservative and he opposes this legislation.

"Many gay people fear that if the Conservatives win the general election they might amend equality legislation to allow some forms of homophobic discrimination and permit further opt-outs by religious organisations and individuals," said Mr Tatchell.

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Stuart Jeffery said...

Don't forget Cameron's inability to remember what his MEPs are voting for in the EU regarding gay rights.

Strange that he can memorise a 40 minute speech though...

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