8 Apr 2012

International Roma Day marks resistance.

It's International Roma Day.  With a demonstration and march in London today to protest attacks on travelling peoples.

A march past many of the embassies of states which systematically oppress Roma and Traveller’s, ending at the Department for Communities and Local Government.
  • Sunday 8 April 2012, 12pm
  • Assemble at Hyde Park Corner, London
Roma people along with other minorities remain sadly under attack, their is certainly huge racism against Romas in the UK and often violent repression in parts of Eastern Europe.

Hitler's regime murdered Romas on a huge scale. 200,000 were killed during the holocaust.

It's ironic that with the Liberal Democrats in government more legislation is being put forward with the far from liberal aim of making the Roma way of life almost impossible.


Roma traditions need to be celebrated, there are fascinating stories to be learnt.  We used to live in a world of travellers with nomads moving from place to place.  Different ways of life should be celebrated not repressed and attacked.

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Catherine said...

Great video - very informative! Thank you for posting it. Were you at the march too? I was there for most of it.

It is unbelievable that such racism still exits in 21st century Europe.

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