22 Apr 2012

Life Without Money: Building Fair and Sustainable Economies

Been a bit quiet here, more twitter and fb and I have been finishing a first draft of my new book.  However back now.

Do come along to this event I am involved with on 30th May, 7.30pm.  All about non market socialism.

Life Without Money: Building Fair and Sustainable Economies is a newly published Pluto Press book. Join Derek Wall (Green Party councillor, former Principal Speaker for the Green Party and author of Babylon and Beyond, The Rise of the Green Left) in conversation with visiting editor of Life Without Money, Associate Professor Anitra Nelson (RMIT University, Australia) and contributor Adam Buick (regularly published in the Socialist Standard) atBolivar Hall, 54 Grafton Way, London W1T 5DL. Come and participate in a stimulating discussion on why we, as a society, need to go money-free and how we might do it.

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leonora said...

Thanx for this info, will try to get there.
Jane Ennis

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