Elected as Green Party International Coordinator

Thanks for your support, great news for those of us on the left of the Green Party!  Hope Romayne and Will win as leader and deputy but will also be good news if its Peter Cranie and Alex Phillips, their result on monday at 11pm

The result of the International Co-ordinator election is as follows:

2945 ballot papers returned, of which 388 were spoilt (mostly blank), giving a total valid vote of 2557 and a quota of 1278.6

First preferences were:
1182 - Wall
872 - Power
477 - Street
26 - RON

No one achieves quota and so Street is eliminated and his votes are redistributed to give the following figures:

1375 - Wall
1068 - Power
70 - RON
44 - non transferable

Derek Wall is therefore elected as International Co-ordinator

Congratulations to Derek and many thanks to you all 


Jon Nott
Electoral Returning Officer


Michael Wilson said…
Is the Green party going to contest the Manchester Central by-election?

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