16 Sep 2012

HANDS OFF LATIN AMERICA! Protest in London on 12th October

1492 – Start of the Genocide! Solidarity with Peoples’ Resistance!
Down with the Free Trade Agreements! Defend Food Sovereignty!
Gringo justice protects dictators, imprisons truth tellers!
For Cultural Resistance – Latin America – Abya Yala – Nican Tlaca!
No to military or ‘democratic’ corps d’etat!

Assembly Point:  17h00 US Embassy Grosvenor Square W1A 1AE
Depart: 18h00

We will pass
HQ of Lonmin SW1X 7YL    (mining company involved in massacre in South Africa)
Pause at Spanish Embassy SW1X 8SB (they have a party that night?)
Pause at Peru Embassy SW1X 9SP (against expansion of Cajamarca mine)

19h Popular Assembly/ Rally opposite the Colombia and Ecuador Embassies SW1X OLS

20h End in front of Embassies

21h  Celebration of resistance music in Institute of Education (Piccadilly line to Russell Square) 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL,

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