31 Jan 2013

Celebrating Ecuador's Citizens' Revolution 12 Feb Bolivar Hall, Grafton St, London

  • Speakers include:

    - José María Guijarro, adviser to the Ecuadorian Foreign Minister
    - Robin Blackburn, author and writer who recently interviewed President Correa for New Left Review
    - Stephanie Pearce, Queen Mary’s University
    - Chris Williamson MP
    - Francisco Dominguez, Venezuela Solidarity Campaign

    Organised by Ecuadorian Movemenet in the UK (MERU).

    Supporters include:
    -Unite the Union
    -TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes
    -Venezuela Solidairty Campaign
    -Tribune magazine.
    -Morning Star
    -Caribbean Labour Solidarity.
    - Alborada.net
    -Latin America 2013

    Ecuadorians go to the polls to elect their President on 17 February 2013. Like other parts of Latin America, Ecuador is today being transformed by progressive social and economic reforms.
    Known as the Citizens Revolution and led by President Rafael Correa these policies are tackling the deep crisis caused by years of extreme neo-liberalism.

    Ecuador's Citizens Revolution is offering a real alternative. A tripling of social investment in just five years has significantly boosted economic growth and meant that Ecuador never entered recession despite the global slowdown. One million Ecuadorian households have been lifted out of poverty. Unemployment has almost halved and the minimum wage has doubled. The huge increases in social spending are guaranteeing free education, including at university level, free healthcare and better public services for all. Ecuador is also at the forefront of ground-breaking environmental measures.

    All this is why Rafeal Correa is way ahead, polling at over 50% with his nearest rival former banker Guillermo Lasso on around 10%-20%.

    Despite clear popular support, President Correa warned in early January of possible external plots to remove him in the run-up to the election. A right-wing coup was attempted against him in September 2010.

    This meeting will look at the achievements of the Citizens Revolution, the undemocratic attempts to overturn these and why we must defend the right of the Ecuadorian people to determine their own future free from external intervention.

    Come and find out more about how Ecuador and Latin America is showing how there is an alternative!

    Bolivar Hall, Grafton S

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