22 Jan 2013

Idle No More Teach In & Global Indigenous Network Meetin


  • This event will be led by Sylvia McAdam Saysewahum, co-founder of the Idle No More movement in Turtle Island (Canada).

    It will be part of the international day of action for the Idle No More campaign on the 28th January. We will have various speakers, of Indigenous descent, who will be talking about the current issues surrounding land in Turtle Island (Canada) and throughout the entire continent and world.

    Other speakers:
    Cristina Motta - (Lost cultures and traditions)
    Gobi Sivanthan - Tamil Coordinating Committee
    Luwezi Kinshasa - Uhuru Movement

    Topics to be presented include:
    - White supremacy/colonialism
    - Decolonization of identity, culture and lands
    - Indigenous rights, lands and waters
    - Lost cultures and traditions
    - Indigenous identity
    - Forced migration/displacement of Indigenous people
    - European borders in the "Americas"

    Donations are welcomed and will go to Sylvia's travel expenses.

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