27 Jan 2013

Will Duckworth, the new Green Party Deputy-Leader will be visiting Sunderland

Will Duckworth, the new Green Party Deputy-Leader will be visiting Sunderland to promote the Party's vision for a better future.

Will will be speaking at a meeting of Sunderland Green Party at the Museum Vaults at 2pm on sunday 3rd February The Museum Vaults

Silksworth Row, SR1 3QJ City of Sunderland

Will is a life long trade unionist and former teacher. He was elected as the Green Party's first councillor in Dudley in the West Midlands. Very much a working class grassroots activist he wants to build the Green Party into an effective force for fighting the Condems austerity programme and defending the NHS. He believes that environmental issues like climate change cannot be seperated from issues of economics and social justice. If we wreck the environment, we destroy the possibility of a good future for ourselves and future generations.

You can find out more about Will on wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Will_Duckworth

For more details of Will's visit, contact Emily Blyth on momuloe@hotmail.co.uk


Derek Wall said...

Marc Green has left a new comment on your post "Will Duckworth, the new Green Party Deputy-Leader ...":

Hi Derek,
Is there any discussion within the GP about the poor position taken by Brighton Green Party in implementing Tory cuts whilst not putting up any meaningful opposition. They are now on the verge of tearing up employees T&C's in much the same way Tory Windsor Council has done.

Derek Wall said...

Yes there is a motion opposing it going to the next Brighton and Hove Green Party meeting.

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