19 Aug 2008

The Battle of Chile

Hi everyone,

This Wednesday (20th), instead of our weekly meeting, we will be screening
the first part of the excellent documentary "The Battle of Chile" at
Bolivar Hall. In this film, director Patricio Guzmán captures and
analyses with a surgeon's precision the dynamics of the revolutionary
process that brought Allende to the presidency, his relationship with the
Chilean masses of workers and poor peasants, and the destabilising actions
of the Chilean counter-revolutionary forces aided by the helping hand of
the US administration in the events that led the failed attempted coup of
June 29th. The parallels with Venezuela could not be clearer.

6:45 PM, Bolivar Hall, Grafton Way W1 (nearest tube, Warren Street), free
entry, hope you can make it! More info:

Best Bolivarian wishes!
HOV London

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