16 Aug 2008

Cold War 2: A new game with added blood

I have just overheard on Sky News -- transmitted over Five TV -- that the Russian incursion into Georgia is reminiscent of the Cuba Crisis of the early 1960s.

I wonder how many Sky News viewers know or remember that the siting of Soviet missiles on Cuban soil was a consequence of American missiles being placed in Turkey beforehand?

I also note that Poland has just signed up to siting Nato missiles on its soil. Perhaps the Polish parliament had that matter on their agenda before the Russians came down so heavily on Georgia?

Alan Wheatley

A good point Alan, Putin's Russia has abused human rights and fought a very nasty war in Chechnya, when do we hear the West complain, ironically when Georgia launches an attack and the Russians respond.

Looks like Bush has restarted the Cold War


Paul said...

Derek, reality check Poland is part of a missile shield potentially not an offensive missile system. The NATO plans are defensive in nature and no threat to Russia. As usual you omit key evidence in a rather half baked style.

Anonymous said...

Paul, defensive armaments can be offensive in nature; this is a basic element of the theory of warfare that has been known for thousands of years. Put simply, if you and I are both armed with swords, then we are equal. If however, I have a shield too, then we are no longer equal... even though the shield is a defensive weapon.

I am always wary of Russia; as the old Hungarian proverb goes "There's two things to remember about the Russians, firstly, they're hard bastards, and secondly, there's lots of 'em".

However, I can't help thinking that NATO is playing a game of escalation here. NATO was conceived for a purpose... when the cold war ended its purpose disapeared and it has been groping around for the last 20 odd years trying to find a new one. I suspect that this is part of that game.

Anonymous said...

I think it's very easy to talk up a new cold war. But a reality check is needed. The Russian ruling class have very extensive ties to the West, so protracted periods of animosity between it and the USA and EU just aren't in its interests.

What the left have to do is stand with the Georgian and Ossettian victims of this war, and against the machinations of the ruling classes of Europe, America and Russia.

Paul said...

Adam, thanks for your comment also thanks to avps. I agree that talk of a new Cold War is very premature and slightly off the mark. Like many others I am greatly concerned at the aggressive posture that Russia is adopting.

My initial comment was aimed at Derek who as he often does simply shot from the hip with no regards for referencing his argument. As usual he didn't hang around to debate either. Derek stated that the USA is basing missiles in Poland. A hugely worrying development if true. However it is not true in the slightest the proposed (note proposed) system is defensive and would fire defensive missiles. There is a significant difference between a ground to air missile aimed at a rocket and a ICBM. Adam's analogy is correct but I would suggest that what we are seeing is two parties, one potentially with a shield and no sword. Rather than two mutually armed and aggressive belligerents. Certainly the west needs to realign itself to meet new threats. I do not consider the Russian bear to be such a threat. Changing subject, Iran is and countries such as our supposed allies Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are also a cause for concern.

Anonymous said...


Any news on how the Czech Green MPs intend to vote when their parliament is called to ratify the US Missile Defence deal this Autumn?

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