2 Aug 2008

This is from the Permaculture Association....I am hoping to bring Roberto to speak at the Green Party conference in September, fingers crossed.

STOP PRESS: Roberto Perez Peak Oil tour - dates announced!

Roberto Perez, Cuban permaculturalist and star of the film Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil will be touring the UK in September, bringing together permaculture people and the Transitions Town network, along with other related groups. Cuban Solidarity organisations and organic gardening groups have raised funds and worked to organise local events which will facilitate the sharing of ideas and support the development of relationships between people in the UK and Cuba.

The tour has been supported by the PAB, Cuban Organic Support Group, Garden Organic and many local organising groups, and we need your support to make the tour work well . If you would like to make a donation to support this tour, please send it to PAB at the usual address, clearly stating that it is for the tour.

Roberto’s tour starts at the PAB’s convergence in Ilkley on the 5th to 7th September.
He will then be presenting his work and meeting groups as follows:

- 10th and 11th September in London
- 12th September Ryton
- 13th - 15th September Centre for Alternative Technology and Machynlleth
- 16th September Bristol
- 17th September Falmouth
- 18th September Totnes
- 20th September Brighton
- 21st/22nd September Derby
- 23rd September Nottingham
- 24th September Manchester
- 25th September Sheffield
- 26th September Newcastle
- 27th September Dundee
- 28th September Forres

The tour will finish with a large public meeting in London, date to be confirmed.


Anonymous said...

So instead of backing up your filthy lies and slander about Caroline, Adrian, et al, you blog about permaculture. Stop trying to tear the party apart: this isn't 1989, grow the fuck up

Anonymous said...

Why are you scared to say who you are?
Some people are so pathetic!
Where is the slander? I think that a lot of the problems of having a leader are already emerging, even before we have one.
Why coulsn't we have just got candidate statements with "Greenworld" as we did with Principal Speaker elections, then all this fuss would never have happened.
Nick Foster Bistol East GP

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