29 Aug 2008

Green Party Conference and other events.

Party conference is next week

In SOAS in London.

Green Left have a fringe on 4th Thursday at Bolivar Hall, 54 Grafton Way on the 'Greening of Latin America', Roberto Perez will be speaking, he is of course the famous permaculturalist from Cuba in the 'power of community' DVD.

Hugo Blanco's son Oscar has also kindly agreed to talk briefly about the situation in Peru, where the indigenous have won a major victory to protect their land and the rainforests.

Our second fringe is on Palestine/anti-Zionism with the Jewish Socialist Group and Palestine Solidarity on the friday night at SOAS.

See you next week for these.

Or if you are Brixton on sunday head down for the Urban Green Fair, lots of good stuff to do...I am talking about John Pilger's film 'The War on Democracy' standing in for my friend Pablo Navarette who helped make the film, in one shocking scene his father talks about being tortured after the coup against Allende.

The US continues to war against democracy in Latin America but the CIA are being turned back!

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