4 Dec 2008

Anti Obama protest on saturday?

"We're very excited about the new administration coming in and what that means for Cleantech in general, and biofuels in particular. In fact when Barack Obama mentions biodiesel by name, that's great for us," said BioFuelBox CEO Steve Perricone.

Could Obama be worse than Bush, kinda of acceptable nice face of the rush to catastrophe....he certainly seems very keen on biofuels...any way on to business.


On Saturday, 6th December, we are organising a joint agrofuel protest
outside the Greenergy office in High Holborn, together with Campaign
Against Climate Change and Food not Fuel (London).

This will be part of the Climate Bike Ride
(www.campaigncc.org/bikeride.shtml)which precedes the National Climate
March in London (www.campaigncc.org).

We will be meeting outside the Greenergy International office at 198
Holburn Street at 10.15 am, with banners and placards to greet the
cyclists. Greenergy describe themselves as the UK's biggest biofuel
supplier. Earlier this year, Greenpeace had a sample of Greenergy
biodiesel analysed and found that 70% came from soya and 30% from palm

After the protest, we will join the Climate March. Please come along if
you can and let others know about the event by circulating this message
around your lists. Your help here makes a real difference to the success
of this event. Many thanks.

Best regards,

The Biofuelwatch Team


1. There will be a separate Scottish Climate March on the same day as the
London Climate March. If you live in Scotland, see
www.scottishclimatemarch.info/ for more information.


Anonymous said...

It is important to note that the above quote from the CEO of BioFuelBox regarding President Elect Obama's position on biodiesel is coming from a company whose sole mission is making fuel from waste material that is currently being land filled. There is no food versus fuel argument to be had with these guys.

Derek Wall said...

I don't get the impression sadly that Obama will be basing his fuel policy just on the grease left over from the Krusty burger chain.

However I could be wrong, I suspect that the Orang utans will be the victims of US car culture.

Anonymous said...

There are billions of gallons of waste oils out there for the use in the production of biofuels. This is NOT the grease that is used today from Krusty and others.

This grease is being land filled and emitting tons of methane into the atmosphere which is 25 times worse than CO2 as a greenhouse gas.

The important take-away is that not all biofuel companies are created equally and while first generation approaches have been disastrous, there are hundreds of companies using more environmentally sound approaches and it would be irresponsible to associate this company's name with environmentally unsound practices.

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