29 Dec 2008

No more blood!

The photo is from todays demonstration in London...I found it together with a report on this personal blog:

The BBC says we clashed with police after storming a barrier - that is an outright lie. The truth is that we were exercising our right to peacefully protest when the police decided they’d had enough of us and started pushing against us. They formed a human wall and pushed as hard as they could so we were forced back, away from the other protesters, away from the embassy. They pushed even though many of us were peacefully sitting down (think a Ghandi-esque sit-in), they pushed even though there were small children and people in wheelchairs. They pushed against us so that we struggled to stay upright and unhurt, tripping over each other as we stood up or moved backwards. They pushed against us, and they brought the one piece of ugly to the whole afternoon

On to how you can support the protest...had this five minutes ago from the PSC

PSC thanks the thousands of people who came out to demonstrate yesterday and today outside the Israeli embassy in London, and across the UK, to call for an end to the killing and an end to the siege of the people of Gaza.

Please join the protests and demonstrations over the next few days (please check our website www.palestinecampaign.org for latest events):


Tuesday 30 December, 2 - 4pm outside Israeli Embassy, Kensington High Street, London, W4. Nearest tube Kensingston High Street (turn right out of tube station and walk along the main road.

Wednesday 31 December, 2 - 4pm outside Israeli Embassy

Thursday 1 January 2 - 4pm outside Israeli Embassy

Friday 2 January 2 - 4 pm. Outside the Egyptian Embassy, . 26 South Street, London, W1K 1DW. Call for Egypt to open the border immediately.

SATURDAY 3 JANUARY. DEMONSTRATION AND RALLY. Assemble 2pm Parliament Square, W1. Nearest tube Westminster


Saturday 3 January 12 noon. Outside Lloyds TSB St Vincent Street then assemble for demo at Blytheswood Square 2pm


Saturday 3 January 12 noon. Foot of the Mound, Princes Street


Centre, opposite the Hippodrome, Tuesday - Friday 5.00 - 6.00 and Saturday 3.00 - 4.00.


Tuesday 30 December 12 to 1pm. outside Cardiff Market/ St John's Church, the Hayes

Wednesday 31 December New Year Vigil. Nye Bevan Statue, Queen Street


Tuesday 30 December 12 noon, Market Square


Tuesday 30 December 12 to 2pm, West Quay Entrance, High Street


Saturday 3 January 11am, Guildhall Square

Organised by Portsmouth Network for a Just Settlement of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, and Portsmouth Stop the War Coalition


Saturday 3 January, 11am. Queen Victoria Square.

Action alert

Write to your MP urging them to insist that Prime Minister Gordon Brown acts to ensure:

* An immediate end to Israel's military assault on Gaza
* An immediate end to the blockade and siege on Gaza
* An end to Israel's violations of international law
* An end to Israeli occupation

Boycott Israeli Goods

Join the protests


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