9 Dec 2008

Dr Wall in policy u turn praises billionaire capitalist

well not quite, I am still open source ecosocialismo...capitalism the figures don't even add up, still I will be investing in such non palm oil bathing products from the Constantine corporation.

I think my major claim to fame is I bought that Joss Garman a pint once before he was more famous that the Rolling Stones...any way on to business.

The co-founder of cosmetics retailer Lush has been revealed as a fundraiser for the climate change protesters that closed Stansted Airport on Monday.

Not only does Mark Constantine use his own money to support the Plane Stupid organisation, he also uses some of the company's profits.

All the proceeds from sales of Lush's Charity Pot hand cream are donated to organisations including Plane Stupid.

Mr Constantine said he may now pay the legal bills of the 56 people arrested.

He said this would come out of his own pocket rather than the firm's.


As the majority owner of what is a private company, Mr Constantine does not have to answer to other shareholders.

More on Lush founder in eco shocker story here

Any other wealthy bank robbers out there...give to the indigenous they are actually doing something to halt climate change....

Plane Stupid....excellent people, non violent direct action is great!

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Anonymous said...

6 hours disruption is nothing..... For the cost of a place ticket on, say, the 1st April 2009 (which is cheap if booked now) Plane Stupid could close every airport in the country.

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