27 Dec 2008

Gaza bleeds

Emergency Protests

Sunday 28 December 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm and Monday 29 December 4.00pm – 6.00pm

Both protests opposite Israeli Embassy - Kensington High Street

Nearest tube: High Street Kensington

Protests organised by PSC, Palestine Return Centre (PRC), Palestinian Forum of Britain (PFB), British Muslim Initiative (BMI), Stop the War, Friends of al Aqsa, Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), Respect, Islamic Human Rights Commission.

Monitor news channels and call BBC and ITV every day to ask for accurate figures of numbers killed and injured. We will not accept Israeli spokespersons – we want Palestinian commentators.

Todays bombing of Gaza has already claimed several hundred lives, what is worse is with an Israeli General Election soon, it looks like a full scale invasion of Gaza is likely.

Blair has gone and Bush has only days to go but the fear is that as with the invasion of Lebanon, British and American leaders will tacitly support more bloodshed.

I was pretty shocked that one Israeli politican promised 'shoah' for the people of Gaza, citizens seem to be killed in large numbers by the Israeli government in their war against Hamas.

As well as flagging up the need to oppose the war I wanted to note there are some voices for sanity in Israel...I have blogged before about those conscripted who refuse to fight if fighting means the slaughter of innocent people.

I would also like to flag up Rabbis for Human Rights again....religion can be a force for good.

And there are several peace movements in Israel such as Gush Shalom

A Tel Aviv protest against the attack on Gaza took place yesterday in anticipation of today's carnage.


"Stop the Massacre in Gaza – Boycott Israel Now!"

The recent ceasefire in Gaza was deliberately broken by the Israeli army, who - while the world's attention was focused on the US election - launched a raid into Gaza on November 4th which killed six Hamas militants and deliberately provoked the rocket fire. The last thing the Israeli war makers wanted was a ceasefire. War is the only thing that Zionism's bloody leaders desire and their main efforts are finding pretexts such as the toy rockets launched from the Gaza Strip in the past 3 years.

Yet the liars of the BBC and world press have consciously presented the Israeli air strikes, not as the murderous and genocidal attacks that they are, but as a ‘retaliation’ and ‘tit for tat’.
After days preventing all supplies, Israel allowed yesterday trucks to bring food and other supplies into Gaza on Friday 26th December, but that was for only 6 hours. Even with that supply, the daily average for December 2008 was less than 5 trucks a day, down from more than 500 a day in December 2005.
The slow genocide of Gaza is gaining speed. Israel can massacre from the air without resistance, as Palestinians have no anti air weapons to defend themselves, not even shelters. For how long the world would be complacent? For how long the UK would be accomplice?
Please urgently demand David Miliband to condemn Israel and suspend ALL military agreements and collaborations, including research and purchase.


Also protest to:
The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Tel. +972 2 530 3111
The British Embassy in Tel Aviv
+972 3 725 1222


Anonymous said...

There is nothing new about Israeli barbarism (the entire Zionist state is predicated on racist repression), what is shocking is the scale of it.

Israel has correctly calculated that it can get away with genocide, with the tacit compliance of the USA, EU and UK.

Every member of the Labour Party should feel ashamed, because the Brown government is complicit in this massacre, and the Labour Party has always supported a Zionist state.

Anonymous said...

Funny how those 'Greens for Israel' types have fallen silent.

9 Israelis dead since September 2005,over 1400 Palestinians.

This is retribution on a scale to match the Nazis.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Derek, the 6 am Radio 4 news this morning (i) gave the latest death total - over 230 and rising (ii) told listeners that more "Israeli strikes" are on the way (iii) broadcast Ehud Barak explaining why Hamas is a terrorist organisation.

And that was it. No Palestinian perspective. No interviews with the bereaved or the terrorised.

BBC News is Zionism's pimp and a demo outside the BBC is long overdue.

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