28 Dec 2008

Green Party urges end to Israeli air assault ruling out of Israeli ground attack

Green Party urges end to Israeli air assault ruling out of Israeli ground attack

Green MEP Caroline Lucas calls for suspension of EU Israeli association agreement

London, UK – 28 December 2008

The Green Party has today demanded an end to Israeli air assaults on GAZA, and for both sides to stop the escalating violence in the region.

Green Party leader and Member of the European Parliament, Caroline Lucas, said, "The Israeli action is clearly counterproductive to the prospects for peace. The population of GAZA is already suffering from the Israeli blockade, which has accelerated their decline into even greater hunger and poverty. Casualties among the civilian population only serve to make people more angry and sow the seeds for further violence."

The United Nations office for the co-ordination of humanitarian affairs in the Occupied Palestinian Territories published a report on 17 December highlighting the plight of people living in GAZA as a result of the Israeli blockade.


Dr Lucas also called upon EU leaders to consider suspending the EU Israel association agreement in the light of ongoing human rights abuses.

Further information:

Green Party Press Office - 0207 561 0282


Anonymous said...

The Green Party's response is commendably different to the mealy-mouthed apologetics of the three main parties.

Anonymous said...

By last night, the exchange rate stood at 296 Palestinians dead for one dead Israeli.

Which is pretty much the history of Israel since it was born out of racist violence and ethnic cleansing.

Sixty years of barbarism, fully supported by the Labour and Conservative parties.

Rayyan said...

Derek - thanks for the comment on my blog. Why isn't this press release on the front of our website? I will be trying to get as many people along as possible today - see you then,

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