31 Dec 2008

Obama's dinosaur problem

The Bible very clearly says that homosexuality is a sin.

I've heard it asked, "Isn't being homosexual something that a person is physically born with?" First of all, there are absolutely no facts to support this claim. From time to time studies have been reported in the news that seemed to indicate this, but every one of these studies has proven to be wrong. Secondly, even if some physical difference were discovered, it would be no excuse for sin. We know that some people can develop a stronger physical addiction to alcohol than others, but that's obviously no excuse for living an alcoholic lifestyle.

Finally, a word about being judgmental. It's not judgmental to say that what the Bible calls a sin is a sin, that's just telling the truth. Not being willing to talk to someone caught up in sin, or not believing that they can be forgiven, or thinking that you are not just as much in need of Jesus as they are ... that's being judgmental.

Because membership in a church is an outgrowth of accepting the Lordship and leadership of Jesus in one’s life, someone unwilling to repent of their homosexual lifestyle would not be accepted at a member at Saddleback Church. That does not mean they cannot attend church – we hope they do! God’s Word has the power to change our lives.
This is from Rick Warren's Saddleback Church

So looks like Obama is at one with the Pope on this issue!

Yes, Obama as predicted is to have evangelical pastor Rick Warren to officiate at his inauguration on the 20th of January.

Obama presidency is set to be Bill Clinton's third term if you believe some commentators, like Clinton Obama certainly seems to be into 'triangulation'. 'Triangulation' involves a 'liberal' trying to appeal to the right and seems to involve all sorts of confusion.

Rick Warren is the perfect pastor for a 'triangulator', he is head of the fastest growing evangelical church in the US, has written best selling life improvement books but has made noises about protecting the environment, promoting social equality and fighting AIDS. Just what Obama wants a liberal evangelical.

However its all starting to fall apart, Warren opposed gay marriage and shockingly compared gay marriage to incest and pedophilia.

His 'progressive' church also holds that women should do the biding of men:
wifely submission is official doctrine: The church Web site tells women to defer to the husband's "leadership" even when he's wrong on important issues, such as finances. Nevermind if she's an accountant and he flunked long division, or if she wants to beef up the kids' college fund and he wants to buy shares in the Brooklyn Bridge. The godly answer is supposed to be "yes, dear." Is elevating this male chauvinist how Obama thanks women, who gave him more than half his votes?

He has also proclaimed that the Iranian President should be executed. I dread to think what he has said about Chavez and Castro.

Most bizarrely he does not seem to believe in evolution and has argued that there is evidence that dinosaurs are described in Genesis and that dinosaurs coexisted with human beings.

Obama has also put a load of neo-con Friedmanite economists in charge, Laurence Summers is one example.

Previously, Summers was chief economist for the World Bank, imposing the gospel of neoliberalism in less developed countries. Summers was notorious for a memo he signed that argued poor countries in Africa were "vastly UNDER-polluted," and that "the economic logic behind dumping a load of toxic waste in the lowest wage country is impeccable."

Well lets all sing 'things can only get better'

Thanks to Deleware Libertarian for digging all this up...here's the Saddleback position on dinosaurs!

The Bible tells in Genesis 1 that God made the world in seven days, and that he made all of the animals on the fifth day and the sixth day. All of the animals were created at the same time, so they all walked the earth at the same time. I know that the pictures we all grew up with in the movies were that dinosaurs roamed a lifeless, volcanic planet. Remember these are just pictures drawn by someone today! The Bible's picture is that dinosaurs and man lived together on the earth, an earth that was filled with vegetation and beauty.

What happened to the dinosaurs? The scientific record lets us know that they obviously became extinct through some kind of cataclysmic event on the earth. Many scientists theorize that this may have been an asteroid striking the earth, while many Christians wonder if this event could have been the worldwide flood in Noah's day. No one can know for certain what this event was.

Although it cannot be stated with certainty, it appears that dinosaurs may have actually been mentioned in the Bible. The Bible uses names like "behemoth" and "tannin." Behemoth means kingly, gigantic beasts. Tannin is a term that includes dragon-like animals and the great sea creatures such as whales, giant squid, and marine reptiles like the plesiosaurs that may have become extinct. The Bible's best description of a dinosaur-like animal is in Job chapter 40. We don't know for certain if these are actually dinosaurs or are some other large creatures that became extinct.

This should not sound so strange. After all, God tells us that he created all the land animals on the sixth day of creation, the same day that he created mankind. Man and dinosaurs lived at the same time. There was never a time when dinosaurs ruled the earth. From the very beginning of creation, God gave man dominion over all that was made, even over the dinosaurs.


Red Maria said...

You're not making a fool of yourself posting exaggerated opinions on topics you know nothing about again, are you Derek?

Don't you ever learn?

scott redding said...

Why do you view Obama as weak? I mean, the question to be asked is why Warren feels comfortable giving Obama´s invocation ... when a few weeks ago, millions of Warren´s followers and book buyers viewed Obama as a Muslim socialist terrorist-lover?

Derek Wall said...

Thanks Scott,

I am a bit of an Obama sceptic but I will certainly praise him if he delivers good stuff, I think Warren and Summers are worrying signs.

He is certainly taking a 'cautious' approach even though he has had a big win...sadly it remains me again of Tony Blair..but if history prove my doubts false, here's hoping.

Bill Brock said...

The dinosaur doctrine has been purged from the Saddleback site!

See this blogpost for more info.

Anonymous said...

What difference does it make if the Bible says homosexuality is a sin?

Plus, if the Bible were really important to Christians, why would the majority of them cheerfully ignore so many of its major teachings about killing and loving one's neighbor?

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