29 Dec 2008

Report from Israel

I came across this very pessimistic but interesting report from Israel on Dave Broder's blog. Dave used to be a member of the Alliance for Workers Liberty but fell out with them after AWL leader Sean Matgamna is said to have defended Israel's right to bomb Iran.

Well hurrah for the Hadash Party and the Anarchists against the wall in Israel, Gush Shalom, Rabbis for Human Rights and the Shministim.

Depressingly the Israeli Green Parties don't seem to be at the cutting edge of the peace movement(?), I can't find any statements from either of them against the assault on Gaza but would be happy to blog them if they exist.

The new Green Movement which looks likely to have seats in the Knesset is left leaning but does not seem, if it opposes the current assault, to be making this position public. Does have at least one Arab citizen on its list and generally looks to be doing positive work but hey peace and justice are the big issues if the flames in the Middle East are to be put out.

israel-palestine: the chauvinist onslaught
29 12 2008

Our comrade Shlomo Anker reports from Tel Aviv, Israel on the escalation of the conflict in Gaza and the response of the Israeli left and peace movements as well as Arab organisations.

The situation in Israel and Palestine has made everyone become more nationalist. The right-wing Jewish parties in Israel are gaining more support and the Arabic citizens of Israel are extremely angry, and they relate strongly to the suffering of the people in Gaza.

Within the Jewish community the majority support the Army, and the establishment Left (Labour Party) is part of the Government who is in charge of the massacres during the war. Ehud Barak, the Defence Minister is from the Labour Party. Within the Labour rank-and-file there are those who are unhappy with the Government but not even one member is opposing the action in Gaza. The Social Democratic Party (Meretz) and Peace Now, who are anti-occupation, not in the government and whom have a very left-wing rank and file are silent. They tend to only demonstrate against the settlers and the far-right and never challenge the state.

The only opposition in the Jewish community has come from members of the Chadash Party (Communist) and Anarchists Against the Wall. In Tel-Aviv a very lively demonstration took place with 300 people with 5 getting arrested.

The main opposition within Israel’s borders has come from the 1.2 million Arab citizens of Israel. However, these demonstrations have not had a left-wing tone. The demonstrations have been called to protest against what is going on in Gaza, but the mood of the protestors and chants at the demonstrations have been mostly right-wing and are extremely nationalist. In the city of Haifa, where the Communist Party is strong, 300 people a day are demonstrating, mainly shouting slogans saying “Palestine is Arabic” and other slogans relating to “re-conquering” the country. In the smaller Israeli-Arab villages where the Balad Party (Arab Nationalist) and the Islamic Movement are popular the slogans have been even more aggressive, including “We Will Defeat the Jews” and “Death to the Jews.” Slogans saying “End the Occupation” and” Stop the Violence in Gaza” are heard, but in general, these are less popular than the more “militant” calls.

All in all, the mood of the country is nationalist, and even liberal voices are almost dead, with people just tending to stick by their ethnic tribe and having mistrust and fear of the other. Racial fighting between young Jews and Arabs (all working-class) broke out a few months ago in the northern town of Akko. Predictions are that a third Intafada will lead to more racial tension and the chance of working-class solidarity is completely dead and the chance of a race war is far more likely.


Anonymous said...

We (The Israel Green Movement) are currently working on our position paper on the latest violence. We are a broad based party ranging from the far left to the center (on security issues and the Israel-Palestine conflict), so these things take time. In the meantime, those interested are referred to Gershom Baskin's piece in the Jerusalem Post today.http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1230456521592&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull

Anonymous said...

I am from the green party in ISRAEL and we condemn the HAMAS movement and put all the blame on this terrorist movement, which brought only horrible situations to our area.
HAMAS for Israel is like the "LONDON CANCER FACTORY" for you brits.

Derek Wall said...

yes some in the Green Party have a pretty blood thirsty position, still I guess the Green Movement will be making progress.

I appreciate that Israeli's detest Hamas (I am not a fan either)but if you are blockaded into Gaza you are likely to be pretty hostile to Israelis...peace and justice are the solution.

Killing kids is a crime.

If the IDF destroy Hamas (which they wont), I am sure an even more extreme group will take over.

Please work for peace.

Anonymous said...


As you don't have any understanding of our situation in Israel, All I can say is that we will work and establish peace our way.
and still be green, if you like it or not

Derek Wall said...

I have a different understanding from you but not from people like Haim http://another-green-world.blogspot.com/2009/01/iof-leaflet-drop-for-gaza.html

What has been really inspiring amongst the horrific carnage has been all the Jewish voices calling for peace and justice...but war on the innocent ain't green politics.

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