9 Dec 2008

The Shoah killed millions of Jewish people, a clear attempt to exterminate a whole ethnic group, travellers, people with disabilities and LGBT citizens were all murdered as well by Hitler.

The far right today still target LGBT...so join the protest tomorrow to resist the BNP in Brighton.

NEWS FROM THE GREEN PARTY of England and Wales LGBT GROUP http://www.lgbtgreens.org.uk/

Don’t let BNP cause division and hatred in Brighton and Hove LGBT Greens call for resistance against fascists

“We are angry that the fascist British National Party still intends to try and hold a meeting on Wednesday 10th December in Hove[1]. And we will join with many others in opposing them.” Stated Phelim Mac Cafferty on behalf of the Green Party LGBT Group.

“Desperate to turn the economic recession into a recruiting sergeant to their politics of hatred, the BNP want to cause division and hatred in our community. Let us be clear: they have organized a meeting in Hove because they hope that their language of distorted fear can become a scapegoating operation against LGBT people, ethnic and religious minorities, trade unionists and disabled communities living in our city.

“It is a fact that when fascists are allowed to speak, racist and homophobic attacks increase. We call upon all in the LGBT community to join us in demonstrating against the BNP in Hove on 10th December. “The oppression, persecution, humiliation and isolation that was life for Europe ’s LGBT Communities under Nazi-ism and its death camps must serve as a warning from history that we can never forget. We therefore call upon everyone who opposes fascists, holocaust deniers and their language of lies to come onto the streets tomorrow!”


[1] Protests against the BNP have been called to assemble at Hove train station at 6:30pm on Wednesday 10th November

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