4 Oct 2009

Brighton Green Party action day

Yesterday I took the train to Brighton. Met Caroline and other Green activists at the Eco Centre.

The Eco Centre is right outside the train station which makes things easy.

Had a coffee and chat before heading off to Patchham to do some leafleting.

Then back to Mike's for a big shared lunch.

It was a bit of a flying visit because I needed to get back to Berkshire to see my children. And my main priority is promoting the lucha indigena in the Amazon...because indigenous people in the Amazon are doing a better job of resisting climate change and ecological destruction than anyone else.

Nonetheless I think it was important to go. I am hoping to be back, the action days are monthly and I hope they go fortnightly.
I am also going to go down during the General Election to help with canvassing.

Caroline will only be elected if we go and work for her. The polls look very good but both Labour and Conservatives will pour money and people into Brighton Pavilon to stop her from being elected when it comes to the General Election.

' * The Greens outpolled all comers in this year's European elections, across all three parliamentary constituencies.

* The Greens hold as many city council seats as Labour.

* The Greens recently defeated all parties in a council by-election in Hove, taking the Goldsmid seat from the Conservatives.

* In the Brighton Pavilion constituency, in 2005 the Greens came a very close third with 22% of the vote (behind the Tories on 24%), but since then have become the strongest party in terms of both council seats and vote share.'

However these things have to made real.

Blogging isn't enough and books, I am writing away at present, are not enough....politics needs practical application.

I wish everyone concerned with climate change or the cuts in public services that all the three main parties promise, would do something practical to resist.

The General Election will see either the return of right wing Labour or the more likely stampede to the Tories....its going to be a bleak political landscape but electing Caroline would create a little beacon of hope.

The polls are good but elections are won on the ground.

I think all Green Party members should pledge to get down at least once to Brighton and help. I enjoyed helping and though my effort was pretty slight...it all adds up.

The next Brighton Action day is on November 7th...come and join me.

If you want to go down for the action day or find other ways of supporting, contact the Brighton & Hove Party Office on 01273 766 670 or e: info@brightonandhovegreenparty.org.uk

Brighton and Hove Green Party website here.

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