1 Oct 2009

Three people shot at indigenous mobilisation in Ecuador

Lets admit it if Chavez had shot indigenous people the 'Chavez is a dictator' slogan would soon be dropped by the elite and its comprador fans....however Correa despite being a step in the right direction has been known to make anti-indigenous statements and its shocking that police in Ecuador have shot people protesting for the indigenenous!

Just got this from continental cry! lets listen to Correa....however if Chris Bryant MP travels to Ecuador or the EU tries to cobble together a free trade argreement with Ecuador....we will have evidence....the EU and the UK are very hostile to indigenous friendly countries cos indigenous friendly countries (to the extent they exist at all) don't let the corporations into steal stuff!

And stealing stuff, is what 'free trade' is all about!

A violent police confrontation has ended with three reported deaths and dozens more injured in the Shuar region of Morona Santiago, Ecuador.

Indigenous communities had gathered in Morona Santiago three days ago, on Sept. 28,
as part of the “Mobilization in Defense of Water and Life.”

CONAIE temporarily suspended the mobilization on Sept. 29, following the Correa government’s promise to discuss the proposed water use and management act, a major concern for Ecuador’s indigenous population.

At this point in the mobilization, one confrontation had been reported in northeastern Ecuador, resulting in two injuries.

However, despite CONAIE’s announcement, several of the blockades and protests that were organized, pressed on, including the Shuar-led blockade in Morona Santiago.

A squad of 500 police officers were reportedly sent in to break up the blockade, which blocked access routes to several cities. According to CONFENIAE, who issued an open letter denouncing the Correa government, immediately after the confrontation:

“This afternoon at 4:30 PM at the main bridge of the Upano River linking the provinces of Morona Santiago and Pastaza, law enforcement officers backed by a helicopter from the air brutally attacked demonstrators with firearms which resulted in two dead and 9 wounded, members of the Shuar nation.”

The Correa government has refused to acknowledge these two deaths, stating only that “one civilian” is missing and presumed dead, and at least 29 police officers were “injured by buckshot.” Correa himself states that the protesters, “tremendously violent groups armed with shotguns and rifles” waited for the police to arrive, and then opened fire.

It has not been confirmed whether or not the Shuar were actually carrying weapons, however, several teachers were standing with the Shuar when the police made their move.

CONFENIAE’s open letter goes on to declare a “state of emergency,” urging an immediate UN and OAS-led intervention “to monitor and observe the blatant violation of the Indigenous Peoples’ rights in accordance with all Treaties and conventions signed by our country.”

“Likewise, we urgently request the establishment of a high level commission of national and international effect, comprising the representatives of governments friendly to America, such as: Bolivia,Venezuela, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and member countries of UNASUR, CAN, International Human Rights organizations, the Coordinator Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin “COICA” in order to search for mediation between the government of Ecuador and the Original Nationalities and Peoples of Ecuador.”

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