13 Oct 2009

They fight for the rainforest and against climate chaos

London, 12th Octobre, 2009.

Dear Ambassador,

We are calling on the Peruvian government to end the repression of the
indigenous people of the Amazon who have so bravely defend the forests.
AIDESEP, the inter cultural network of the Peruvian Amazon, provide an
example to be emulated by all on this planet who seek to protect the
environment. Their stewardship of the forests is vital in combatting
climate change, if the Amazon is destroyed this will degrade the entire
global environment. When indigenous people work to defend their land from
being stolen, they defend the interests of global humanity. We are proud
of their struggle.

We condemn the violence and repression unleashed by President Alan
Garcia's government against indigenous activists. We demand that such
repression ceases, that the government allows the Voice of Bagua radio
station to continue broadcasting, that indigenous people are allowed to
protest without being met by violence, that a Truth Commission into the
massacre at Bagua is truly independent and works for justice, even if this
means placing the President before it to answer for the killing of
indigenous people on June 5th.

We further call for the recognition of indigenous land titles in the
Peruvian Amazon and an end to the exploitation of the Peruvian Amazon by
foreign corporations such as Penco, without the expressed permission of
indigenous people. We call for an end to the threat to uncontacted
indigenous people by oil corporations and the repeal of Presidential
degrees, introduced as part of the free trade agreement with the US, that
would auction up to 75% of the Peruvian Amazon to oil and other commercial

We will work to oppose European Union and United Kingdom bilateral trade
deals with Peru that threaten the independence and prosperity of
indigenous people and the Peruvian Amazon.

In recognition of the struggles of the Awajun and Wampis men and women at
Bagua, we in the United Kingdon will proclaim, like Peruvians from all
parts of the country 'We are all Awajun and Wampis"


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