11 Oct 2009

Manuin Santiago in first press conference since being shot at Bagua

Thanks to you dear readers the Awajun leader shot in cold blood 8 times at Bagua is alive and free. Without protest he would be in prison....we salute his struggles, his struggle is the struggle to defend the environment. See you on the mobilisation tomorrow in London for life on earth

Manuin Santiago affirms that Alberto Pizango was not responsible for the events of Bagua

AIDESEP, 08 October 2009. In his first appearance in front of the media, Santiago Manuin, the Awajun leader, reminded the government that according to the indigenous viewpoint the decision maker for the defense of our territories are nations and that Alberto Pizango Chota in his capacity as leader and president of AIDESEP, the government conveyed this collective decision: to protest in defense of Mother Nature.

"AIDESEP was born to be the authoritative voice of indigenous peoples. It was never a personal decision from Alberto Pizango, nor were we tempted by radical political parties, [..] the government must understand that the wisdom of the people is incalculable, "he said.

He also said that the unfortunate events of Bagua could have been avoided and explained that villagers had already agreed to withdraw from areas that had blocked by them in protest. The police operation on the fifth of June, however, the officer decided to conduct police contingent eviction because he had received the order.

Manuin further noted, that any changes the Government plans to carry out in indigenous area should be made with the direct participation of indigenous groups. It is to be regretted that the only thing to be the government seeks to achieve is to acquire wealth without taking into account the preservation of the environment and its inhabitants.

original report here from Aidesep

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