10 Oct 2009

Fools: Irish Greens vote to stay in government!

Great to work with the indigenous....increasingly embarrassed to be associated with these fools.

Climate change is accelerating and the future is at risk, so going into government with a bunch of corrupt property dealing idiots is a mistake...a mistake because it discredits green politics internationally and to be frank green politics is the politics of survival.

These idiots are frankly a threat to your future and mine. Just shows how fast political parties can be corrupted...the Irish green party faces extinction but their appalling actions weaken green politics internationally.

Politicians make short term gains at the expense of our environment and children...they should be ashamed.

They will be on in a minute commenting on the need to shovel money into bad banks and my lack of pragmatism.

Time is short and green politics has to be strategic, focussed and effective...the costs of doing the wrong things have never been higher.

If you know anyone in the Irish Green Party, give them some grief....they have consistently been doing some very bad business.

Still given the fate of the planet, most politicians will always put their pensions first, even though there are few pensions on a dead planet.

Sad to see 'Greens' buying into to all this destruction....


polizeros said...

The same type of process happened with the US Green Party, especially in the 2004 presidential election where a large internal faction in the GP basically went with the Democrats.

GP-US barely exists now. Sad but true.

I've been learning about the populist revolt of the 1890's in the US. Their party platform could have been written today, what with a few exploiting the many, massive numbers of foreclosures, the belief most politicians are corrupt, etc. At their peak, they were a major third party force in the US.

Maybe we can learn from our compatriots of 120 years ago.

Derek Wall said...

I think US politics is something else, Fianna Fail are sadly something special and the other major Irish Party Fine Gael are from the centre right.

The point is to get politically organised, be interesting to see what people like Patricia McKenna who left the Irish Green Party in digust do next.

Pope Epopt said...

The Irish Green party - like their predecessors in coalition the PDs - have essentially become a branch of Fianna Fail (sic), one of the most corrupt parties in Europe.

The Green Party leadership have assured themselves of perks and pensions, and will no doubt be offered positions on quangos when they leave politics. Certainly there should be directorships on the zombie / vampire banks that they have done so much for.

Many of the original, principled members have already left and the party is packed with those who fetishise the trimmings of power. Among the natural progressive potential support base mention of the Greens evokes nothing more than a grimace of distaste.

The very work 'Green' has been discredited in Irish progressive political discourse for a generation.

What do we call progressive politics based around building a sustainable and equitable political economy now in Ireland? Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

You're wrong - the Irish Greens disagree with you, and make democratic choices. Courage in diversity - I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate them telling others how to run their own Green parties.

Marcus said...

Derek if you actually took some time to read over what we achieved in the renegotiations for the programme for govt - http://www.greenparty.ie/en/government/renewed_programme_for_government

You will see that we have achived RADICAL change in Irish politics. Just look at some of the things we have forced Fianna Fail to consede in that document.

I voted for the new programme, our membership overwhelmingly endorsed it, the Union of Students of Ireland actually came out in force at the gates to the conference urging us to vote as it stops fianna fail from introducing third level fees, the teachers union also backed it for our achievements gained for education.

This was a good deal for Green politics and a good deal for the Irish people.

You Derek are the threat to green politics with your hateful outbursts about any green who you disagree with.

Adam said...

The deal done is a fantastic one - and it shows, as 83% of delegates endorsed it. And as someone who knows a hell of a lot of those delegates I can tell you that they're not the right-wing kooks you'd like to portray them as.

You're right Derek - the planet IS in danger - that's why we have negotiated sustainable procurement in all public bodies, a cap in incineration, a Climate Change Bill... it goes on and on.

You say you're ashamed of us - frankly we're ashamed of you. Although rather than paint the entire Green Party of England and Wales as wingnuts, (as you are doing us) I know there are many good people in your party.

What is your alternative? "Politics is the art of the possible." We could pull out, collapse the government and FG/Labour will be in coalition tomorrow, and the situation will be ten times worse.

You have no idea what is going on in Ireland and can only seem to pontificate about how awful we are.

Derek Wall said...

'You Derek are the threat to green politics with your hateful outbursts about any green who you disagree with.'

I would be critical of any government that was building a motorway through Tara....you want me to shut up because Greens are doing this, it makes it worse as far as I am concerned.

Anonymous said...

"Time is short and green politics has to be strategic, focussed and effective"

And by being "effective" Derek you mean engage in hand wringing from the opposition benches.

Pope Epopt said...

I'm Irish, live here, and can confirm that Derek has a greater grasp of what's happening here than the happy-face clones that came our of the Irish Green party conference on Saturday.

These same clones never mention NAMA. FF was willing to offer a few concessions, most of them aspirational, most of them will never be implemented in the life-time of this government, in exchange for the biggest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in the history of the state.

Private risk has been socialised while public money goes to protect private profits. The economy is locked into the maintenance of high prices for worthless property, all shrouded in secrecy and ministerial fiat written into the NAMA legislation.

We're not talking chickenfeed here, were talking tens of billions of euros (in a country of a few million) taken from public coffers and given over in executive pay, bond holders interest, share price inflation and damage limitation for bankrupt property developers. Our children will be paying for the banksters and their cronies for years to come, unless we can unseat the elite which the Irish Green party has so gleefully joined.

At the same time the Greens will participate in the slashing of social welfare and what public health provision remains, the sale of public assets, and a race to the bottom in pay and conditions for all but elite and the upper middle classes. Hundreds of thousands will remain in long term unemployment and similar numbers will be forced to emigrate.

Next to this fact the crumbs from the FF table are insignificant. The Irish Greens have demonstrated that they are a right-wing party daubed with a little Greenwash.

Derek Wall said...

The Irish Green Party line is always given the urgency of the situation we must get into power and make changes.

The problem is they need to be changes in the right direction not the wrong one.

The Irish Green Party has become hugely unpopular with Irish voters and Greens globally.

'Pragmatism' does need to be pragmatic...note the wipe out of Green councillors and failure to elect MEPs.

go on then tell me what the I GP is doing for indigenous people?

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