1 Oct 2009

Ramos says indigenous should have seats and property titles

AIDESEP, 29 September 2009. The chairman of the special commission charged with evaluating the problem of Amazon Indigenous Peoples, Gloria Ramos, said it is important for Peruvian democracy that indigenous peoples have three direct representatives. This is because they have felt marginalised and suffered much delay in being recognised

The parliament is preparing a draft law for indigenous leaders to run and obtain seats in Congress.

"In Venezuela, for example Indigenous have three seats, alos in Bolivia . In Peru has not yet implemented this representation and that proposal should work. That is in process of construction through meetings with advisors and members of this committee are going to give way. "

On the other hand, said that soon will present the third report of the committee referred to developments in the preliminary report on the public policies of the Amazon peoples. "The fundamental issue is the territoriality of indigenous peoples, the second is related to health, education. The other question I have put on the agenda is the issue of institutional INDEPA ie, how it should be represented Indigenous Peoples in the Peru and the fourth theme is political representation.

On the issue of territoriality, Ramos said that lately there have been suggestions as Hernando de Soto. However, it considered that this is a different view to that of the native peoples. Regarding the institutional framework of independence, said "as it now really is invisible in the ministry of women. Indigenous peoples demand to be autonomous, they must have a linkage with the PCM, you must have an adequate budget. That do not currently have. "

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