10 Oct 2009

Increasing authoritarian Peruvian regime closes the 'Voice of Bagua'

The Peruvian communications ministry is working hard to silence opponents of Alan Garcia's increasingly dictatorial regime.

Back in June Garcia ordered the police to break up non violent protests in defence of the Amazon, at Bagua perhaps as many as a 100 indigenous people were killed by the police, many bodies have been found but some demonstrators remain missing.

A local radio station the Voice of Bagua had its license removed in June and fines have been piled up.

Environmentalist do you care! Are you actually working to defend the environment, then do something! Climate change policy has degenerated into a giant con trick, Copenhagen will cement carbon trading policies that do nothing to reduce emissions but already bring in £bns for bankers....its a global framework, not of conservation, but of lies that make a few people very very rich.

In the Peruvian Amazon the indigenous do the work of Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and Climate campaigners, they have built a very effective political organisation that has prevented the Amazon from being logged. We need the Amazon to prevent run away climate change...yet environmentalists give them little support.

Because their actions work to stop the destruction of the Amazon for oil exploration, biofuel production and logging, Alan Garcia will do almost anything to stop them.

Shutting down the Voice of Bagua will not silence the indigenous...but the silence of environmentalists who do not defend the indigenous must stop.

I am going to the Peruvian Embassy on Monday to protest against the theft of indigenous land, against the repression of human rights in Peru, against the attacks on indigenous leaders and against the closure of the Voice of Bagua.

'todos somos Awajun y Wampis' we will shout!

And you can catch up with the news from the 'Inter cultural network of the Peruvian Amazon' here, if your Spanish is a bit rusty just stick the text in a web translator!

Join me on the mobilisation more details here.

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