21 Oct 2009


From the International School for Bottom Up Organising

20 October 2009

Dear Friends,


An e-mailed death threat has been received by one of the youngest students at the recent session of the International School of Bottom-up Organizing (ISBO). This is a young man from Colombia, descendent of Maroon fighters against slavery, who has been involved in positive organizing among youth in his community. He is a member of a popular hip-hop band creating positive lyrics well-received by black Colombian youth.

The death threat, minus identifying information, is attached with a translation into English [see below]. It contained numerous errors, which were retained by the translator. We don’t know if this e-mail comes from the Colombian paramilitaries, government, the CIA, or an individual crank.

We are asking you to flood the law enforcement agencies in your area or country with demands to identify this perpetrator and bring him to justice immediately. The e-mail address the letter came from was agente926@gmail.com.

Addresses and e-mail addresses of agencies to which letters can be sent are listed at the bottom of this letter. Feel free to add other appropriate addressees.

We are aware that letters don’t stop bullets. But our early experience in the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) during the early days of civil rights organizing in Mississippi was that our best defense from the violent attacks of racists was the vocal and public support of thousands and tens of thousands of supporters
nationwide and worldwide. Please forward this to friends, contacts and list serves that you deem appropriate.

ISBO is training organizers to build an egalitarian new world, led by the poorest and darkest among us, especially women. This attack is a sign that we are doing something the oppressors don’t want us to do. We thank you in advance for your support. You can also visit ISBO online at www.peoplesorganizing.org.

In struggle,

International School for Bottom-up Organizing

For more info and solidarity messages, email: bottomuporganizer@yahoo.com

A few addresses for your letters:

President Obama's email: president@whitehouse.gov; his phone number: 202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414 Fax: 202-456-2461

CIA (contact form webpage) https://www.cia.gov/cgi-bin/comment_form.cgi (phone) 703) 482-0623 (fax) 703) 482-1739

FBI has no national email address...they say that some local offices may have some. (phone)202) 324-3000

Colombian Ambassador’s Office in US: emwas@colombiaemb.org

Select Committee on Intelligence(senate intelligence comittee) Intelligence.HPSCI@mail.house.gov / 202-224-1700

Permanent Mission of Colombia to the United Nations

E-mail: colombia@colombiaun.org

Website: www.colombia.un.org

Colombian Embassy in London: elondres@cancilleria.gov.co [also mail@colombianembassy.co.uk ]

Colombian president contact form: http://syscopre.presidencia.gov.co/publico/frmCiudadano.aspx

Colombian National Police: Lineadirecta@policia.gov.co

Amnesty International: aimember@aiusa.org

Please send to other agencies and groups that you feel are appropriate.


(I hope get it subversive son of bitch)

Good Day Mr _______, or better [nickname used here] as you choose, bad news I am afraid. For some time now we have been investigating you. The result of this investigation has helped us to deduce that you are a person attempting against the sovereignty and the economical growth of the people, bringing about the possibility of unleashing an era [this word era was wrongly spelled: “hera” is actually “era” in Spanish as well] of violence, bloodshed and terror for many people.

We know that at the moment you are organizing a subversive movement, which is growing fast, your recent connections with terrorists make you a deserver of this communicate. This administrative community orders you to desist of this terrorist idea, otherwise you will have to be exterminated for every ones well-being.

We want to clarify that this IS NOT a threat, neither a friends’ game, we know everything about you for example: which are the places you frequently go to, we know you have an account number with movistar (telephone company) N [number given here] with the line number [other number given], your email address is ___________ you are also part of a music group called _________, we know you have a double identity [the fact that he is in the university is one of the identities from what I can make out – translator’s note], you study in the university __________ currently doing 5 semester of foreign languages degree, we know that you have a long list of telephone calls registered to your account, including to members of the organization abroad, you have been going out of the country to meet them, a trip to Jamaica (ticket bought in London), and in the last two weeks you HAVE traveled with Avianca company to Medellin and Bogota Colombia to meet with new members and plan moves for this guerrilla organization. [Note: this was actually performance travel with his band.]

As you can see, we know more about you than you about us.

If you want to continue to be at the side of those you love and don’t want to get to know the other world that you think you can get. Mr. _____________ WITH CODE [this might be his id number] _________ This administrative community orders you to desist of this terrorist idea, otherwise you will have to be exterminated for everyone well-being.



espero te llegue hijo de puta subversibo.

Buen día señor ____________ o mejor _________ como usted prefiera, pero con malas noticias. Desde hace mucho tiempo hemos venido ejerciendo una investigación sobre usted, y el resultado de esto nos sirvió para identificar que usted es una persona que atenta contra la soberanead de los pueblos y el crecimiento económico de estos, propiciando a desencadenar una Hera de violencia sangre y terror para muchas personas.

Sabemos que en el momento se encuentra organizando un movimiento subversivo, que está creciendo con rapidez, sus vínculos frecuentes con terroristas, lo hacen merecedor de este comunicado (Esta comunidad administrativa le ordena que desista de esta idea terrorista, de lo contrario usted tendrá que ser exterminado por el bienestar de todos)

Queremos aclarar que esto NO ES una amenaza, ni un juego de amigos, sabemos todo sobre usted como por ejemplo: cuales son los lugares que frecuenta, sabemos que tiene una cuanta en movistar N _______ con línea _________, su dirección de e-mail es _________ que pertenece a un grupo musical llamado __________, sabemos que tiene una fachada , estudia en la universidad _________ cursando 5 semestre de licenciatura en lenguas extranjeras, sabemos que registra una larga lista de llamadas telefónicas incluida a miembros de la organización en el exterior, ha estado saliendo del país para reunirse con ellos, un viaje a Jamaica ( tiquete comprado en Londres) , y en las últimas dos semanas HA viajado con la empresa Avianca a Medellín y Bogotá Colombia para reunirse con los nuevos miembros y planear avances de esta organización guerrillera.

Como se pudo dar cuenta, sabemos más de usted que usted de nosotros.

Si quiere seguir al lado de quienes ama y no quiere conocer el otro mundo que usted cree que puede conseguir. Señor ____________CON CODIGO ___________ Esta comunidad administrativa le ordena que desista de esta idea terrorista, de lo contrario usted tendrá que ser exterminado por el bienestar de todos)…………………….



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