12 Mar 2010

300 Green Party Parliamentary candidates

According to the national website, 301 candidates have been selected so far, and of course in Brighton Pavilion, Lewisham Deptfore and Norwich South, we are in an excellent position to win.

' so far, 301 parliamentary candidates have been selected for the Greens across the UK (279 in England/Wales, 22 Scotland, 1 Northern Ireland). We're well on target for a half-slate of 325. This is the most general election candidates ever, in the 30-year history of the party.'

I am out electioneering every weekend and over Easter it is going to be everyday.

If you want to get involved in my campaign join my General Election Facebook here.

Indigenous struggle for planet earth in the Amazon is something I am going to be supporting in the General Election, other parties are supporting cut it down and get the resources out, but wrecking the planet does not make sense.

And of course it is equality, action on climate change and anti-cuts.

The Manifesto for the General Election is going to be an impressive document, it has been drafted by Andrew Dobson, who is a Professor of green politics (literallly) and was my Phd examiner.


weggis said...

"And of course it is equality, action on climate change and anti-cuts".

So, are you telling me that you are opposed to scrapping Trident?
And ID cards, and the NHS super computer and every other hairbrained government money draining computer system? And I suppose you don't want to cut the road building programme and Nuclear Power and Banker's bonuses and ........

Derek Wall said...

perhaps we could cut your comments, not all cuts are bad.

weggis said...

So be more precise with your language. There is an election to win, dammit. It is not about if the axe falls but about where it falls and the new growth and investment that springs from it.

Presentation, presentation, presentation!

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