28 Mar 2010

Knight of Tara discusses John Gormley-ism

Just got this, worth making up front and public.

Knight of Tara said...
Marcus and Anonymous, I was a campaigner on the Campaign to Save Tara for years, from 2007. The Irish Green Party may not have authorized the M3, but they campaigned for stopping it and not only did they fail to stop it, they helped in its construction, which still isn't finished. They could have stopped it all, but instead they gave us the middle finger and became enemies of Tara. Gormless destroyed the henge at Lismullin, which was probably an amphitheatre used for Druidic practices. As a pagan, this is a grave insult. The ghosts of Tara will never forgive the Greens for this treason and desecration. As for me, my rage at this insult and betrayal is too much to forget. The Irish Green Party (alongside Fianna Fail) will always be my enemy, no matter what. Unless they can remove that motorway and make Tara as it once was, that isn't going to change.

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