7 Mar 2010

'We are forming a new Green Party'

'are you interested in becoming a member of a new green political Party then ?We are forming a new Green Party,the Name is yet to be decided, we are meting next Saturday in Dublin if you are interested ?'

More details here, do join and get involved.

The Green Party of England and Wales is great but things have seriously gone wrong in Ireland, coalition with Fianna Fail a party known for corruption was a very big mistake.....but a new green party is to be planted and nurtured in Ireland.

Hope something good can come out of this, there is already an independent Green Party in Donegal.


James Mackenzie said...

Derek, you've excelled yourself.

A link to a "Continuity" Green Party - an IRA reference, in case you missed it - illustrated with a pic of someone in a balaclava - a second such reference.

Seriously, what are you thinking? If you want to be constructive, move to Ireland and work to improve the Greens. This isn't helping, it's just stirring.

Anonymous said...

Derek, why are you supporting an IRA-linked movement?

Also, people said the same things about the E&W Green Party when they dumped their principal speakers (i.e. you) in favour of leaders. You yourself said it would be the death of your party. Should disgruntled Greens have started a new GPEW?

Anonymous said...

A choice quote from the Continuity (IRA) Green Party's founder: "I suppose kidnapping The Green Party Leader & holding him ransom during the Green Party Convention might be going too far?? or is it?"

Do you endorse this level of political debate, Derek? I suppose you do.

Known GPEW Greens who have joined the Continuity (IRA) Greens group:

Amy Kennedy, Brighton cllr
Gayle O'Donovan, Manchester cllr candidate
Derek Wall, Windsor candidate & former principal speaker

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