29 Mar 2010

Vote Labour if you love radiation

Resist Nuclear New Build in Britain - Short film and discussion night

Wednesday, 7 April 2010, 7 - 9.30pm

Venue: London Action Resource Centre
62 Fieldgate Street, London E1 1ES
Nearest tube: Aldgate East / Whitechapel
Map: http://tinyurl.com/LondonARC

Join us for an evening of short films and presentations about nuclear power, followed by a discussion on how we can build strong resistance to nuclear new build in the UK.


The nuclear industry and British government are steaming ahead with their plans for a fleet of dangerous, expensive and unnecessary new nuclear reactors. The first application, for Hinkley Point in Somerset, is due to be submitted as early as August of this year. But only a few week ago, the French Nuclear Phase Out Network exposed secret documents showing that defects in the design of Areva's EPR, the reactor chosen by EDF for Hinkley, Sizewell in Suffolk and elsewhere, could lead to a Chernobyl-style nuclear catastrophe. [1] Scores of academics, politicians and campaigners are now calling for a public inquiry on the justification process for new reactors. [2]

Nuclear Spin

The nuclear industry has a long and colourful history of secrecy, lies and cover-ups that continue to this day. As the saying goes, a leopard doesn't change its spots. The vested interests of the multinational energy corporations will always come before concerns for the environment and the health and safety of the public. Needless to say, with nuclear energy and waste the consequences can be devastating, as seen at Chernobyl and Windscale, for example.

Green Solutions not Nuclear Greenwash

The fact is that new nuclear reactors would do too little too late to meet our carbon reduction targets, and at too high a price in terms of economic, health and environmental costs. Our vision is of a nuclear-free low carbon future for the UK and the world based on more modest consumption and an ambitious programme of energy efficiency measures and renewable and decentralised energy.

More info:
vd2012-SNPN [at] yahoo.co.uk
Mobile: 07506 234 091

Stop Nuclear Power Network


1. EDF nuclear reactor carries 'Chernobyl-size' explosion risk - Guardian, 7 March 2010, http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2010/mar/07/edf-nuclear-reactor-chernobyl-risk

2. Academics demand independent inquiry into new nuclear reactors –
Guardian, 11 March 2010, http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2010/mar/11/independent-inquiry-nuclear-power-stations

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Anonymous said...

this is brilliant! Especially with all the hype about spending £97billion on nuclear weapons, any bad press for nuclear is good news!

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